BC’s Bottle Lodge has decided to take a crack at hosting an

at-home-beer festival. Wish us luck. In the spirit of Columbus Day, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the patron saint of flavor himself Guy Fieri. We are hoping to harness the power of his cosmic frosted tips in order to end 2020 as swiftly as possible while enjoying good beer and food along the way. 


Having talked to our craft community partners, we've been wanting to do something meaningful for our Cincinnati faithful. I'm sure as many of you have grown restless, and have started to venture out into the landscape, we've decided to reward you and your 3 closest friends with a take-home beer festival. We've called in as many favors as we could to fill a case with 20 beers for you to enjoy, since festivals are pretty much dead for 2020. Long story short, we want you and your friends to do dope things...together!


Each case will support (4) people and is fully equipped with (20) 16oz Beers, (4) Collectors Guy Hopieri Masks, (4) Festival Bracelets to give you that festival vibe, (4) Flavor Town Teku Glasses and several goodies provided by BC’s and some of our local partners. In addition, we've included a 12pk of Warped Wing Trotwood to break up the festivities with some crispiness.


Lastly, Del Hall will be hosting our 4+hour livestream chock full of comedy, live music, and more!

BC's Flavortown Beerfest

  • All the boxes will be constructed and picked up at BC's Bottle Lodge Montgomery at 8175 Hetz Drive. Each order will recieve an email the week of October 10th for when the order is ready


7121 Liberty Center Dr. 

Liberty Township, OH 45044

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